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Corporate Services

My dedicated coaching experience has helped many leaders leverage their skills and bring out the best in themselves and employees, thereby increasing their company's efficiency and effectiveness in a measurable way.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions
to solve your issues, develop leadership skills...

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Group coaching

Group and Team Coaching, Training, Facilitation

Coaching in group sessions
facilitating workshops, training...

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Consulting and PM Mentoring

Project Manager Mentoring
to deliver "on time, on budget, on quality".

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Individual coaching

Individual coaching

Management experiences gained in the private sector, in a multinational context, allow me to understand my clients' problems (e.g. stress due to deadlines, stress due to 'unachievable' targets, lack of recognition, feelings of being alone) and effectively support them in achieving their goals.

During individual meetings we focus on my partner's strengths, as well as identify what is stopping them from reaching their goals.Based on their strengths, I help them formulate their coaching goal, and help them to unlock their ability to execute their plans.

The purpose of the individual coaching for leaders and employees:

  • Increased fulfillment in their current role;that is, to increase their efficiency and ability to deliver higher quality work at their existing status and develop necessary skills to move forward.

I work in person and also online (e.g. Skype).


Leadership skills, Problem solving, Decision making, Stress management, Cooperation and conflict management, Empowerment and delegation, Presentation skills, Work/life balance, Self confidence, Self motivation


Group and Team coaching, Training, Facilitation

group coaching

During my years as a manager, my primary aim was to coordinate team members with different personality types, and various professional backgrounds toward their targeted goals. By this I mean giving them the support they need to bring specific ideas to the surface (brainstorming), catalyzing information sharing, supporting the development of common projects (workshops), managing internal-external conflicts, getting the synergy from cooperative work, recognizing results, and always respecting and meeting privacy requirements.

In our session, I merge training and coaching tools to increase efficiency. After the goal is formed and current situation analysis is done (coaching), I show and teach effective models and safe tools the participants can use on a daily basis (training).
Thematic sessions are delivered based on the specific group/team needs. After defining the target, according to the chosen topic, sessions include: review current situation analyses, model introduction, education, and exercises. 


During the practical parts, participants sometimes work on their own and sometimes in groups where they can test their solutions in social situations.

The duration of a thematic session is usually 3 sessions lasting 4 hours each.


Time management, work/life balance, Conflict handling in work situations, Effective and assertive communication at work, Success and individual goals in the workplace, Senior management training


Consulting and PM Mentoring


I support projects and project leaders to become more efficient and successful based on my experience in projects of different sizes (4-150 persons), lengths (6 months-2 years), various industries (e.g. retail, oil, manufacturing, electric power, the financial sector) and different project types (process control, IT-SAP, ORACLE, Workflow, feasibility study, terms and conditions, branch extension, etc.).

Based on my leadership experiences, I help project leaders and project members increase their ability to be "on time, on budget, on the quality" with the work required by their directors.


For project managers:
    Workplan preparation, acceptation; Set up project structure; Budget planning; Involve stakeholders; Plan and deliver project communication; Organize, lead/facilitate meetings; Risk management; Request and issue management; Develop team management skills e.g. empowerment, delegation, escalation; etc.

For project members:
    Meeting facilitation, Strengthen inner- and outer communication, Conflict handling, Time management, Increase cooperation, Stress handling.

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