Éva Pékó

Coach Trainer Consultant



I coach individuals and groups. I encourage my clients to be true to themselves, take responsiblity for their lives, and live a brave life.

I encourage all my coaching partners to acknowledge:
They are the writer and director of their own life.

I have created an integrated methodology with a strong focus on the Transactional Analysis Method, allying it with Brief Coaching, General Coaching, Self-Development and Dramapedagogy Tools. The "quantitiative composition" of these toolkits supports my clients on their paths to personal and professional development and, ultimately, lifelong changes that lead to a better quality of life.

My characteristics as I see:

  • I love challenges.
  • I help organize the client's thoughts, and focus their energy investment.
  • The client/group sets the pace. Nothing is required.
  • Process efficiency and effectiveness are a priority for me.
  • I keep learning to grow with my clients.

As Coach I am committed to high-quality professional work which I perform by the ethical and privacy standards of the International Coach Federation.


International Coach FederationHungarian Dramapedagogy Society

Let’s explore how I can be helpful to you.

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  • Budapest, Pest County